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Christmas tree

Nice decoration for the Christmas tree

The Christmas Tree

You will find everything you need to create the perfect Christmas tree with us, all the way from the Christmas tree carpet to the top star.

Christmas Tree Carpet

We have Christmastree carpets in our assortment in different designs that we hope you will like.

A Christmastree carpet need not be in a special color, but it should be a round carpet you can use for other purposes at other times of the year.

Pot for christmastree

You can do something really nice of your Christmas tree by putting it in a large pot, or rather in a large basket, you may need to cut some branches and possibly raise the tree by placing it on something inside the basket and under the tree. Using the basket will not only be stylish, but you can also put plenty of Christmas presents or other decorations before Christmas under the tree.

Decorate the christmas tree

This is an area we have a very large selection to offer you, lots of Christmas-balls and other decorations in beautiful designs colors and real nice materials. No plastic in our Christmas tree, we can promise!


The Christmas tree has not always been in Swedish homes, but it came to Sweden and became common in the late 1800's. It originates from Germany where it has existed since the 16th century. The first known Swedish Christmas tree comes from 1741 at Stora Sundby in Södermanland. The Christmas tree was first seen in the homes for rich people but became a more common sight in all our homes in the late 1800s.

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