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Leather Master



Leathermaster is a brand founded / created in 1985, and it was mainly found that furniture protection, both clean and protective. Much has happened since then and now it is a company who works in many different countries.

Leathermaster is today the market leader in materials and furniture care.

Textile Care

Leathermaster has a good program for textile care, both small stain removers and complete cleaning and care packages. Something we would like to recommend is impregnation which is a very good investment to protect your textiles before the accident occur.

Wooden care

This is one of Leathermaster's strongest areas with an assortment that protects and nourishes your wooden furniture or other wooden interior details. You will find a variety of oils and waxes in different packages and also fillings to mend some bigger damage to a wooden furniture. The spraywax is a product that is incredibly easy to use which produces a very good result.


For the sake of the name of the brand, it is understood that this is one of the brand's strongest sides, a wide range of protective, caring and products to fix any damage that may occur. There are unbelievably many types of leather, both origin, character and color, which means that a wide range of products is needed from a market leader such as Leathermaster. The range covers the biggest need and with a very high quality of the products.

Miscellaneous range

There is a smaller range of car care (inside) and also to care and clean the bed.

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