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Deluxe Homeart

Luxury LED candles from Deluxe Homeart ®

The advantages of these life-like LED candles made of stearin are many, and you can also control them with a remote control, for example for the candles that are high up in a chandelier.

We have both block candles in different heights and colors as well as shorter rustic candles, shinier, luxurious dinner candles with a higher height, striped, conical block candles and block candles for outdoor use, and as accessories there are the necessary batteries and the remote control to turn the candles on and off.

With an innovative and patented design, Deluxe Homeart has created a wet look on the top of the block candles that makes it look like wet stearin and the flame, yes, it is alive, it changes in strength and blazes lightly in the "wind"

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