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Limepaint for wall


Limepaint in Icelandic is translated  "Kalklitir" and is an amazing wall color that it is impossible not to fall in love with.

Kalklitir - Limepaint from Iceland

Kalklitir is a fantastic wall color We are very proud to be the premium retailer for Sweden.

We supply Kalklitir in powder form, which is supplied in paperbags with a plasticbag inside.

You mix Kalklitir with 1.7 little water, giving 2 liters of lime paint.

Paint with Kalklitir

You can mix Kalklitir with a stirrer, electric mixer or a mixaer attached to the screwdriver, the important thing when you mix the paint the correct time and leaving no leftovers on the edges that can then drop into the paint and cause white dots or stripes on the wallsyou just painted.

Painting technique

You can paint with cross-technique or with straight draws. What differentiates them is that you get a different expression and more effect with the cross-techinque, you can also influence the result by pressing extra hard on the brush and squeeze the pigment out on the wall. When painting, it is important that you stir occasionally in the jar so that you keep the same mixture, the lime sinksto the bottom of you do not. You start at one end of a wall and paint continuously until you reach the next corner, you can not interrupt the middle of the wall as you need to keep a wet edge all the way. Also make sure to paint completely where you are, you should not go back and fill wet paint in wet.


Immediately after painting, it's extremely dramatic on the wall, but it will calm down when it's dried up, no cause for panic in other words. Please save some color in a jar to repair any stains where you may also use a fine grinding paper before repairing.

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