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Buy Vintage Paint for furniture

Vintage Paint is a matt, chalky furniture paint, that can be used on almost everything.

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Vintage Paint limepaint 

At My White Countryhouse you will find a complete assortment of Vintage Paint limepaint with all colors of all sizes available.


We have chosen to stock all colors available on the market, which is in 700 ml and 100 ml ready-mixed cans, with the exception of some special colors only available in 200ml can. This limepaint will attach to almost every material such as wood, metal, glass and even fabric which makes it very useful.

However, the characteristic of the limepaint that is usually appreciated is that you do not have to do so much prework, it's often just to paint directly on the surface that you want to paint.


Some surfaces need a little bit of help with the attachment, surfaces that is very shiny, or if you are going to paint a very dark furniture with a very bright color or if you are going to paint oak furniture. For the shiny surfaces, apply a fine sandpaper over the surface, sometimes you may only grind exposed areas such as corners. The really dark furniture may require you to add a primer first so that you make sure that the dark color does not shine through, despite the fact that the paint is very well covering. When it comes to oak, you need to put a primer so that the tannins do not penetrate and the same applies to twigs that can easily bleed through.

Rural Interior

For those who like rural decor, Vintage Paint is perfect, thanks to its matt surface, you can get that old-fashioned rustic feeling on your items.

Shabby Chic

The nice shabby Chic style can be found bygrinding with grindingpaper so that the darker surface shines through here and there, it will look worn and used for many years just like a real shabby chic furniture.

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