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Buy latte cups from GreenGate here!


Here you will find GreenGate's beautiful lattecups, to your collection, with floral and romantic patterns to the rural kitchen.
You will also find Majas Cottage lattecups with beautiful messages printed in gold or black, giving away to someone you love. There is also 10% which goes to the Children's Cancer Fund from the selling price.


We at My White Countryhouse have a large and fine assortment of lattecups in different brands with the largest part in Greengate


The lattecup is the product from Greengate which is most associated with this brand, a lattecup that many of you as a customer collect and they come out in new designs twice a year and have done so for many years.

The nice thing about these patterns and designs is that they fit into eachother, which means that even if you do not buy a whole or half a dozen, the lattecups will match each other over the seasons, of course not everyone will, but there is a red thread all the time in the colorings that makes it stick together. 

Greengate has a very high standard of production, and it can be seen that around 40% of all the cups that will go further in the production are discarded and melted down because they are not 100% perfect in shape and color, very high standard in other words.

Rural interior 

The lattecup may not be the most nostalgic we have in our assortment, but with their romantic designs they still fit into the rural décor and also become a decorative and beautiful contrast to the rustic home.


The lattecup fits well with drinking latte because it is not ears but can be used for many other purposes. You can use it as a small pot in an arrangement, like a nice little icecream-cup or having your peanuts in the cup. The list can be done long and as always, it's your imagination that sets the limits.

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