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Majalyktor & värmeljuslyktor i glas och metall

Here are candlelight lights of different colors and shapes.
We have "Majalyktor" where collections come twice a year with new designs on the votives and 10% goes to the Children's Cancer Fund.
We also have nice lanterns called Dante from Lene Bjerre, where there are new colors by season. You will also find small lanterns in zinc and other metal, in addition to a wide range of glass lamps for tealights.


We have a very fine range of candlelight votives, a product that is very popular and a mood enhancer in your décor no matter what style you choose in your home

We have chosen to have a wide variety of colors, shapes, materials and styles.

As mentioned above, we have a lot of candle light from Maja's Cottage and it's not just a nice decorative detail, but you're also doing a good deed, because 10% of the selling price goes to the Child cancer Foundation. You really buy two things in one you could say.

Majalyktan also has many purposes if you see it as a gift, it is available in different varieties for different holidays and anniversaries like Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween and your talented teachers as a farewell gift.

Our range of votives is constantly renewed, but some models are like Lene Bjerre's dante votive, which has become a real classic, it has been around for many years, is fanmtastic beautiful and comes constantly in new colors.


The candle light is a given detail in your arrangements that you put together on your lightdish, a tasteful combination of colors with some decorationsdetails creates a very nice arrangement and a votive is the thing that you must have to "tie the bag" as you usually say in Sweden.

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