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Accessories - furniture care

Here you will find market-leading furniture-care for our nice furniture.

Furniture Care - Care and Protect Your Furniture!

Outdoor furniture

Buying new outdoor furniture is a great investment for many customers and we want tohelp you to take care of them and to protect them. 

We have a good way to protect your outdoor textiles with our impregnation, which obviously can not prevent birds from doing what birds do, but it makes it much easier to clean afterwards. In the same package there are also products for cleaning. The outdoor wicker is to be cleaned with water and soft brush, there are products for extending the lifetime of this as we can obtain on request.

Leather furniture

All our leather furniture comes with a factory treatment, but we recommend that you use our skincare before using the furniture and repeat the treatment according to your individual needs depending on how much they are used.

Always vacuum the furniture with a soft brush, never remove any stains with strong cleaners but with warm water and a cloth or products intended for the purpose.

Some leather furniture, such as "Leather cigar",is to never use cleaning liquids, if you need to clean, we recommend that you turn to a specialist in the area.

Concrete Furniture

Our concrete furniture is sealed with a wax to retain and create the nice surface that they have. You need to regularly maintain your concrete furniture with wax so you do not allow moisture to penetrate the material, especially important if you use these furniture outdoors.

Keep in mind that during winter-storage you do not cover the concrete furnitures, but instead allow them to breathe over the winter, this to rule out the risk of moisture penetrating the material.

Wooden furniture

We recommend that you regularly use protective products for your wooden furniture. Different types of wood, however, have different characteristics and we are available to answer questions about how to protect and care for your particular wooden furniture. We have a very good experience of our spraywax which we really recommend to the woods this product is intended for.

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