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The hobby and crafts department is something for those who just like crafts and work with your hands. We have an assortment that we hope you will like!

Hobby and crafts

In our department for hobby and crafts you can find lots of inspiration from the past, real nostalgia and nice little things you can use to create a nice interior. These products are great for working with all Vintage Paint products with all colors, decorations and templates.

We have included so-called "Dresdenpynt" in our range, thanks to the demand from our customers. For example, this decor can be used to decorate hat boxes, books or whatever you think needs a facelift with a clear nostalgic touch.

We also have fun for the different holidays of the year so you can create your arrangements with figures and decorations for both Christmas and Easter.

You'll also find furniture decorations that you can paint-in or glue-on your old furniture or interior details.

We at My White Countryhouse consider that the small details are so important to the wholeness, and the products in this category really symbolize this, put it in that little emblem, use a nice clamp that really match or make your own doorwreath that fits your home. Often it is that little extra effort that makes a difference in the end.

A gift to your friend who is something you made with personall feeling and dedication is often appreciated more than any arrangement you have purchased all set-up in the big warehouse.

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