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Colour sample

Here you will find hand painted colour samples for Kalklitir. We paint them on aquarellepaper in two layers, the color is perceived a bit darker on paper than it is on a wall.

Color samples for Kalklitir

Here you will find all the color samples for Kalklitir's colors that we have in our assortment.

Retailer for Kalklitir

We have got the privilige to be the Premium Retailer för Kalklitir, which means that we are the retailer in Sweden recommended by Kalklitir. This also means that we sell all colors in the assortment and of course offer color samples for these.

Quality on the color samples

We paint by hand all color samples in our own store and keep them in stock so we can supply you as soon as possible with the color samples you need to make a good choice of color.

When using the color samples, you need to consider that it differs a percentage in the color comparing to when you paint on the wall, it becomes a little bit darker.

It is also an indication of how the color works in general and also explains why, for example, you should not paint on a spackled wall. Because there is a different absorption between color samples and walls, which gives color differences, there is also a difference between the usual wall surface and spackled surface which also gives a difference in color. If you need support for color selection, feel free to call us at My White Countryhouse and we can assist you as good as we can.

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