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Laundry room

Welcome to the department for interior decoration for your laundryroom, hope we can make it really nice together!

Interior of the laundry room

The laundry room is a roomwhere you spend a lot of time in and we think that this room deserves a lot of love and with simple means we can do it really nice with the decor together.

Storage in the laundry room

We have in our assortment storage for laundry detergents in the form of fine metal cans, an incredibly big difference to have your powder detergents in fine cans instead of storing in their boxes as you usually buy them from the supermarket.

Laundry baskets are also something that many people have too few of, that otfen creates a massive amount that has no place to go. A good tip is to have several baskets, you can have many baskets in the laundry room if there is space or you take a smaller baskets and locate these in those rooms which produces the most laundry.(Of course it is not the rooms who creates the laundry, it is the person in the room)

There is nothing else that can make it look as messy as dirty clothes that are thrown everywhere.


Liquid detergents, softeners and linenwater from Washologi are a very efficient and good product, made entirely in Sweden, even the bottles and corks are made in Sweden, which is very good from an environmental point of view.

Washologist bottles are also really nice to look at and they contribute to a really nice interior in the laundryroom.

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