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We have a calcareous paint from Kalklitir for characteristic walls where we are the only retailer in Sweden with all of Kalklitir's choice of lime color. We have a quick drying furniture color from Vintage Paint for the matte, wonderful look, for the furniture you're tired of but still do not feel like you want throw away, then you can recycle your dear furniture with a brand new color.

From Strömshaga you'll find practical and beautiful products in rural and traditional style to all the rooms of your home.

We offer, online, the entire range of Artwood furniture, furniture that is stylish, rustic and wonderful, both in the apartment in town and in the country villa or cottage in the mountains. We have toys for the children in sustainable wood, metal and fabric, from Maileg, to the little ones, who are appriciated by the adults in a family as they are so beautiful that it doesn't matter if they are laying on the livingroom floor. We also have a wide range of porcelain and textiles from GreenGate for the romantic, country kitchen.

Maja's Cottage is famous for their votives, #majalykta, and cups, where 10% of the price goes to Barncancerfonden.

We can also offer you exclusive scented candles from French scent champion in Grasse, from the Durance brand.

If your looking for a gift for women, you'll probably find something in our range of Lene Bjerre's items, it appeals to many women with their luxurious and modern touch, and for those looking for rustic décor as well as French, country-style décor, Chic Antique offers you a wide range of furnishings and furniture.

We offer you a wide range of products within classic, luxurious, rural and rustic interior design.

Together we decorate your home, fix your presents & Christmas gifts and make sure the walls and furniture are up-to-date!

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