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Cabinets & Shelves

Shelves and cabinets from Artwood along with other brands.

Here you can find shelves and cabinets in different price ranges, color, shape and styles from well-known brands such as Artwood, Martinsen and Chic Antique.

Shelves and cabinets from Artwood, Chic Antique and Martinsen among other.

With us at the department for shelves and cabinets you will find a wide range of furniture in different styles and from different brands.

Rustic interior in beautiful wood

We have really nice cabinets and shelves in robust and rustic wood like birch, oak and elm to name a few. The furniture weighs a lot and thanks to that they stand firm and become a real splendorfurniture in the very best quality.

When you use furniture like a cabinet in, for example oak, you will feel a big difference to simplier furniture from low-price warehouses, especially when opening/closing the doors on the cabinets. You will experience the Artwood feeling so special, it breathes really solid and stable quality. You could compare with the feeling when you close the door on a more expensive car's heavy and stable impression compared to a little cheaper car where it rattles and feels hollow when you close the doors.

Shabby Chic

We also have shelves and cabinets in the classic and timeless interiorstyle Shabby Chic, patinated, beautiful and worned out looked cupboards with plenty of storage space. The Shabby Chic style cupboards are very nice and with their worn style and a little romantic expression easy to place out in the rural home.

Glass door cabinet - a practical piece of jewelry in your interior

The cabinet with glass doors is a very nice and practical furniture that we have many different varieties of. The cabinet has also a very good storagespace, beautiful with its sprinkled glass doors and practical because you do not have to dust so much if you keep the doors closed, of course.

Bookshelf - full of possibilities.

We have beautiful bookshelves in different looks. You can use the bookshelf for many different purposes in your home. Keeping books is of course, but you can also use it to organize your home by placing the furniture in different ways. You can divide rooms and create new rooms, you can make the bookshelf beautiful by also putting your decor and potted plants and where it is suitable even lanterns and candles.

A really sturdy bookcase from Artwood or Martinsen combined with a stable leather armchair with a nice floor-lamp, these furniture together create a classic library environment where you have your own readingcorner where you can spend many hours.

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