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Bathroom & Spa

Here you will find both interior and consumables for your bathroom or spa, we have selected high quality products from well-known brands.

Bathroom and spa


We at My White Countryhouse have a nice assortment of consumables from the well known Saponi brand, a brand that you may have seen in various interior and homestyling programs on TV. The soaps are made of up to 97% natural material and are baked in such a way that they solder just fine all the way through the soap, of course, it becomes the most solder when it is brand new when it has the largest surface but it continues to work just as well until it's finished. The soaps are made in Provence by real soap manufacturers in an environment that has the old soapmaker traditions which really works out, they know how to make soap! 

We have chosen a wide range of different fragrances and also different prints and styles (luxury and simpler)


The handcreams from Saponi that we have in our range are the kind of hand cream that really moisturizes the skin, you can not get that sticky surface that other handcreams can give. In addition, in wonderful gentle smells.

Shampoo and skincream

We have a small range of these products that hold the same fine quality level as the soaps and hand creams.

Interior and design

Of course, we have taken into consideration how the packaging looks liketo create a nice interior for your bathroom with fine colors and patterns, so you do not want to put these products in a closet!

Interior details and textiles

We have a nice assortment of mirrors, other interior details and textiles for your bathroom or spa, both in Shabby Chic and in a little more luxurious design. You'll also find nice storage cans for the most part of what you use in the bathroom.

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