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Interior & Home Decoration for your home

Here you will find a wide range of interior decoration, stylish and updated.

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Interior of My White Countryhouse

Interior design is our largest product group because we are a true homeinterior store. We have decor in different styles for different tastes and we hope you will find exactly what you are looking for or just being inspired and find nice decorative details you've never seen before.

Rural interior 

Interior design in rural style brings inspiration from countrylife where you can find materials like enamel, white textiles with lace (often with a romantic touch) and classic white porcelain for your rural kitchen. The feeling of decor often breathes nostalgia from how life used to be like when you visited with your grandparents in the countryside when you were small or from old movies like classical Astrid Lindgren films.

The rustic decoration

This is enjoyed by many and is very popular and will never run out of style.

The rustic décor goes into many different styles, but you can say that there are materials close to nature, recycled wood in sturdy designs characterizes the rustic décor.

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is a popular interior style with inspiration from the French interior style, especially from southern France. Patinated surfaces with a weathered appearance that seem to have been used for many years, are very beautiful and popular.

New England

New England inspired decor brings its inspiration from the American East Coast with huge, steady furniture, crispy colors, often with elements from Union Jack or stars and stripes. Lovely white details and furniture  like taken from a Hemingway novel are typical for this decor.

Romantic decor

The romantic decor has a lot of textiles with lace, decor that goes close to the rustic style and fits well in most environments. A lot of flowers and many fine details that bring life, color and joy to life. Interior for all the rooms in the home.



The bedroom Decorating a bedroom has many purposes, partly to create a nice home but also to create a lung room that is made for rest and relaxation. Here you can think of whatever color you have on the walls to which textiles you choose for bed, table and windows. bathroom You will find a lot of interior decoration for the bathroom with us, both the hard and the soft in many styles, colors and materials. The kitchen Of many, called the heart of the home, here you will find everything you need in the form of crockery, textiles and other furnishings. You can choose from the romantic porcelain from GreenGate and the more rustic from Chic Antique, it is available for most tastes. Do not forget the cloth, the cloth has been renamed in recent years and is such a good interior detail that creates a rewarded feeling, you will find tablecloths in different materials, style and size in our range. Other furnishings Wall decorations, carpets or pure decorations find a very wide range of products at My White Countryhouse. We have the ambition that all our customers will be able to find their style with us and be able to decorate their entire home with a clear red thread. Remember, it's the details that make the whole thing and a detail that really can lift a home, our wall paintings from Kalklitir, so much more than a painted wall. Once you start painting with Kalklitir, you are soon addicted to this, a truly magical product.

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