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Side tables

Side table from Artwood along with many other brands.

In the sideboard category there are lots of lovely sideboards from different brands in different priceranges and styles, Welcome!

The side table - the smart furniture!

A side table can often be the last piece in the puzzle in your interior, the last piece of furniture that also solves the practicality funnction of having somewhere to put your hot or cold drink on, a surface to place your readinglamp on or simply a table for a flower together with a nice decoration.

We have side tables in many different styles and materials from several different brands that we are proud to offer you this assortment, you'll find wooden table boards, metal and even sidetables in Artwood's beautiful concrete.

We are convinced that you will find the sidetable that suits your home. If you do not find it, just get in touch with us and we will solve it for you!

Sidetables from Artwood

Our Artwood sidetables are very nice and fit well with other products in our store and you will be able to find lots of decorations and pots that match perfectly with them. We are thinking about pots from Wikholm Form or Lene Bjerre as perfect combinations just to name an example.

The wooden tables are pre-protected with a so-called transport-wax, but we recommend that you put on an extra layer with our nice spraywax from Leathermaster for a really good protection. A table from Artwood should always be taken care of as it is a furniture of a quality that allows iyou to use it for generations.

Concrete furniture can also be treated with this wax. There is a misconception that using a "Marble and stone" wax for these concrete furniture that is not correct, as it is only adapted for natural stone and marble with open pores. Artwood's concrete furniture must be stored so that they can breathe, that is, you should not cover them under, for example, winter storage.

Several of our sidetables can be used outdoors in summertime but should be protected and stored in winter as recommended for the specific characteristics of each product.

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