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Lime Paint from Kalklitir & Vintage Paint

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Lime paint at My White Countryhouse

With us, you'll find the best lime colors you can imagine, the real lime colors that you usually call for the original, unlike a variety of copies that appearson the market.

With our limepaint from Vintage paint and Kalklitir you will definitely will be very happy with your result!

Vintage Paint

This lime paint is pre-mixed and is available in many colors and a wide range of necessary accessories like wax, primers and varnish.

The paint is adapted for painting on furniture and floors primarily but also works on the wall.


Kalklitir is actually Icelandic and means "Lime paint", the color is a true natural product and has been produced and invented by the couple Hjörtur and Audur from Iceland.

There is an large number of colors, and there are new ones on a regular basis, while some are removed to make room for the new ones.

The color comes in powder form in a bag and after adding 1.7 liters of water, you have 2 liters of paint.

It is important that the surface is correct on the wall to get a really good result.

Of course, you can mix different colors to get your unique color.

Keep in mind that you use a thick and wide brush so that you get up the color on the wall in a good way, we have suitable brushes for the purpose in our assortment.

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