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Paint accessories

Accessories for painting with Kalklitir.

Here you will find brushes and other things you need to paint with Kalklitir lime paint.

Accessories for painting with Kalklitir

Here you will find selected accessories that are suitable for painting with Kalklitir.


We have chosen to take our brushes from a real wholesaler for brushes, "Penselgrossisten". Firm and good brushes that are in the right size for painting with Kalklitir.

You should always paint the walls with a thick brush for the big draws on the wall, you have a brush that is seven centimeters wide that fits walls with a lot of narrow places. The ten centimeter wide brush is used by most customers and fits most purposes and walls. The large twelve centimeter brush is good when you have large surfaces to paint, you should keep in mind that with such a wide brush you will catch a lot of color which will make the brush heavy and it will be a little more physical effort to paint the wall. There is also an esthetic reason for choosing different brushes as the result is slightly different depending on how wide brushstrokes you get on the wall, a larger difference with the crossing technique than with straight draws. 

Small brushes

We have several minor brushes of fine quality for really narrow spaces.


We have different sizes of tape from leading brands in different sizes, be sure to remove them when you are done so they will not be left longerthan nesessary. 

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