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Flowers - long lasting

Here you will find flowers in artificial material that you never need to water!



Flowers and plants - artificial!

In our selection of artificial flowers we have been very careful that they are of very good quality and with a good colorscheme. Artificial plants are a very practical invention that is both fancy and practical, especially in periods of long lasting heat as the living plants live a hard life. You can also avoid engaging your neighbors when traveling for short or longer periods of time.

All you need to keep in mind is to make sure that they are no dust so they keep their fresh looks. We have both potted plants, flowers, trees and applequails in our range with nice colors which gives you the impression that they are real plants.

We have selected well-known brands like Chic Antique and Lene Bjerre to a lot of artificial plants, but above all Mr. Plant, a specialist in this field.

We bring in seasonal products that fit into the different holidays of the year, but also what you can have all year round. We also have the opportunity to take home according to your special wishes, such as if you would like a Christmas tree, the artificial Christmas trees from Mr Plant are something completely different (better) than those found in the big department stores.

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