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Coffee tables

Coffee table from several brands, Artwood, among other brands.

Here you will find coffee tables in different styles from different brands such as Artwood, Chic Antique and Nordal.

Coffeetables from Artwood, Chic Antique and Jeanne d'Arc Living among other!

In our product group for coffeetables you will find a rich selection of coffeetables in different materials, styles and brands, coffeetables for many different tastes.

Artwoods coffeetable

Artwood coffeetables are very popular, of course, it is because of the appealing design and the robust and rustic quality they are made in. You have coffeetables in both wood and concrete among other materials.

Coffee table in Shabby Chic

The Chic Antique coffee tables are made in the romantic style and in the timeless Shabby Chic, really cozy and charming coffeetables that really fits into the rural décor.

Coffeetables in rustic and industrial style

We have a coffeetables that is rustic style with lovely real and sturdy materials and also a coffeetable in the industrial style with metal elements in stable and sturdy designs. We strive to have a uniquecoffee table that you can not find with your friends and not sold at the big furniture stores.

A furniture for every home!

What would your livingroom be without a coffeetable, it would not feel complete simply! You are using your coffee table for the most parts in the life, put the coffee cup (or tea) on when you watch TV or when you hang with your friends in the rooms that do not have TV.

You have your coffee table as a given place to decorate with things like flowers, candlesticks or the fine decorative books or interiormagazines.

Your coffeetable can also be a good storageplace for books, remote controls, photoalbums or whatever suits your home and your needs. There are many different types of coffeetables to choose from in our store and you will certainly find just the table that fits into your home decor and match your sofa that you had before or which you can find in our department for sofas.

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