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Here you will find lots of lights and candles in many different variations that fits for different purposes.


Stearic candle

Here you can find real stearic candles that have many advantages such as:

- Has a high melting point and does not get crooked as fast as other candles.

- Environmentally friendly, a renewable product.

- Burns with big and nice flame 

- If you happen to spill on textiles it will be easier to clean the material you have spilled on.

- When you turn off the light, it becomes no soot or afterglow.

Ordinary candles

We usually call all candles for  just stearic candles, but the truth is that the usual candle is a paraffin candle. We have a wide assortment where you will find candles in the most in sizes. Everything from the small short "bedeljus" to the long long and thinner "Birgittaljus".

A light we think is really cool and also a nice interior detail is the spiderweb-candle, these candles become like a tealight when it burns down because it leaves the walls that create a spiderweb-like pattern.


We at My White Countryhouse have an assortment of batterycandles in different styles and shapes. Luxurious batterycandles from Lene Bjerre and those that fit well in the rustic and rural interior from Chic Antique. Common to all batterycandles is that they are a very good product for those who are afraid of burning down other things than just the candle, it is a good and not unusual gift to give to those who have easy to forget about things in general. There are both thicker candles and ordinary long candles with battery.

Light in different designs and purposes

We also have candles for the different holidays of the year, there are special candles for different purposes like the grave or light that can float. We hope you find the light that you need.

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