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Svanefors Textile is a well-established company and brand that has existed since 1956. The brand represents products that have a high recognition factor, but also new interior features that are sharp and stands out in the crowd. Textile for all the rooms of the house you can say!.


A large part of your interior is often textiles like curtains, carpets and pillows. You can choose the color for your home in the right way, and it's just that we are so proud to have Svanefors in our range. at My White Countryhouse. Svanefors has put together a very nice and appealing range that suits almost all tastes.


You will find a wide variety of different curtains with every possible choice of materials, color and sizes.

Popular are rural-style curtains with classic embroideries and lace, preferably with the convenient multiband manufacturing, where you can choose from several different ways to put up your curtains.Velvet curtains can be found in a wide colorrange with a beautiful depth in the colors, of course you will also find matching pillow cases for these.


The range of pillow case is as wide as that with curtains, maybe even bigger. Svanefors follows the trends but at the same time keeping the roots in the nostalgic classic Swedish style with textiles you remember from your childhood which is very charming.

To the pillow case there are also well-filled innercushions that fill the pillowcase in a good way.

Tablerunners and tablecloths

The range of textiles for the table cover your needs as there is a wide variety of different qualities, sizes and colors. You will find tablecloths for all holidays of the year and you can expect them to last for years with normal use.

Interior details

Something that Svanefors is not known for but is good at completing its fine textile range with unique interior design at an affordable level in a very good way. We at My White Countryhouse have this decorations in our range but not for so long because it sells out very fast. A good sign on this part of the assortment you can say.

Accessories for the textiles.

There are all the accessories you need, even if they are not so many for curtains and other textiles.

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