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The story of the Danish brand Maileg started with the Danish student (graphic design) Dorthe Mailil doing a project during his school time which was the first "Pixie" with its charm and exaggerated proportions. It eventually ended in 1999 starting the brand Maileg, whose name is a combination of Dorthes last name and the name of her husband.

The rest is as you usually say - history.

Timeless design and quality


Maileg has an assortment of toys beyond the usual. All made in solid materials such as wood, metal and fabric intended to last for generations. The fact that we at My White Countryhouse sell to preschools says a lot about the qualitylevel of the products.

The little details

Which characterizes Maileg's toys are often the small details on the toys,they have not taken shortcuts but really ran the line out with the small details.


Maileg stands for a clear nostalgic touch both with old models that are recognized from past times and also the coloring that comes from the past.

Interior details

When you decorate your children's room with these nice items, you create a really nice combination of colors and you will notice that it will create a peaceful place compared to any other plastic toys that can be found in a children's room.


Maileg's toys are recognized on their distinctive design with sober colors and their friendly expressions that one just can not help to love.

The rabbits

There is a wide range of rabbits of different sizes, ranging from the smallest size to the huge Maxi rabbits. For these different sizes, there is a large assortment of clothing that suits each size individually. The accessories are also suitable for the different sizes. Of course, this means that when you bought the first rabbit for the child, you have solved many problems for birthdays and Christmas presents for many years to come.

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