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Here you will find mirrors in many different materials, colors and styles.


A mirror in your interior can make a big difference. The mirror creates a sense of space and captures and tranports light in your home.

Floor mirror

What makes a difference between the mirrors and often the frame to the mirror, our Artwood floormirrors is a good example of this as they are made in robust and rustic woods from the Indonesian forests.

An Artwood mirror can weigh up to 100kg and is a real heavy furniture.

In contrast to these mirrors, we have the mirror from Jeanne d'Arc Living, which is in a romantic style as taken from a french castle in the 18th century.

Others mirrors

In our range, we also have table mirrors that are more of a decorative detail than a furniture, fine decorative mirrors that are in the same style as the other interior in our assortment.

The smallest mirrors you have in bathrooms are found in the Bathroom and Spa article compartment.


In our range of mirrors you will also find mirrors that are integrated in our "tempeltavla-collection" that we think are very nice, we can recommend to decorate these mirrors in combination with the other "tempeltavlor"  we have. There is an incredible variety of these products and the mirrors. If you have special wishes, please contact us at My White Countryhouse and we will help you find the combination of color and shape that suits your home or whereever you plan to decorate.

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