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Washology means "the doctrine of laundry". The products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner in stylish packaging. The company is Swedish and produces all its products within Sweden's borders. Washologi was established in 2014.


White and color detergents

The most common product of Washology, it will clean your clothes already from 40 degrees, and if you need to bleach the laundry, you can add it in addition.

Sports wash

A very popular product that really removes that dull smell that can easily be put on trainingclothes, the good thing is that you can get rid of it already from 30 degrees.

Fabric softener

Washologi's softener are amazing with their beautiful smells, in addition, very affordable because you only dose with 10 ml per wash, the bottle feels like it lasts forever.

Here we can also igive you a nice tip that we received from one of our customers, pour a hot bath of water in the sink before going to bed with a litte amount of softener in it together with a dishcloth. 

When you come up in the morning, you will notice that your home has a mild, pleasant and cosy smell. Then you take the dishcloth and wipe off some handles and other selected surfaces and you'll get a fresh feeling in your home out of the ordinary.


You can use the linen water for multiple purposes. You can tip in the ironing water and get a beautiful freshness when ironing your clothes, you can use it as a roomspray or spray clothes which you do not wash as often as woolen clothes to get a smell of fresh washed clothes.

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