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Ceiling lamps for your way of living

Lamps for all the rooms in the home, a ceiling lamp that melts in or stands out and takes place, you decide. We have several ceiling lamps in different styles, materials and shapes for a personalized home. Stock items are shipped within 1-3 days, free from 950 SEK. Pay securely with Klarna Checkout or Swish.


We have a big and wide range of ceilinglamps at My White Countryhouse.

You can find ceiling lamps in many different styles such as, romantic, rustic, rural, industrial and classical just to name a few.

Rural lamps

The lamps that are sorted into this category may be the chandeliers in Shabby Chic style that we have been selling for many years from the brand Chic Antique. Even the enamel lights are usually placed under this category.

Industrial ceilinglamps

The ceiling lamps that have an industrial design are often in different types of metal designs, it can be raw metals from PR Home or the black rustic steel from other brands.

Romantic ceilinglamps

Romantic lamps are often a bit softer in their appearance, often with different types of fabric shades in different designs

Rustic lamps

This category can fit into several of the above-mentioned styles where we often find designs where different materials can meet each other in perfect harmony. Like when wood meets raw metal, the outcome can be amazing.


As always with all types of lamps, the light source is important for a perfect result, for example, a velvet shade with a tinted lamp in, for example, becomes almost a lamp that does not fulfill its basic function, to light up a room. Contact us at My White Countryhouse and we will provide you with the advice required to get the best of your ceilinglamp.

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