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Hållbara leksaker i trä & metall på nätet

Here you will find durable toys made of wood and metal from mainly Maileg and Kid's Concept, the toys are beautiful and blend well into today's intrerior and will create a cozy and playful room for your child.

There is also some designed toys from By On.

Toys at My White Countryhouse


Toys from Maileg are completely adorable with their tasteful colors and friendly and soft expressions. Something that is eye-catching is that it is so detailed and manufactured in real steady material, which is, metal, fabric and wood, materials that are both sturdy and durable. It is not uncommon for preschools to be repeated customers with us on these products as they need to keep a lot of wear and tear.

The Rabbits from Maileg are perhaps their most famous product, which is not so hard to understand why. They range from the smallest "My" up to such a big rabbit that it is much bigger than the child whom is playing with it, i need to mention that adults are also buying these rabbits as they are so beautiful and decorative.

For all the different sizes of rabbits you will also find clothing collections that can be found in a big variety. Children love to put on and off clothes and have you given the kid a rabbit, you have solved the present/gift question for a long time, since the wardrobe for these rabbits must of course be renewed all the time. Imagine how easy for the kids small friends to buy presents for the birthday party, then you will not get the duplicate gifts that are so common.

The mice and all the different figures for the different holidays of the year are also a popular feature.

Kids Concept

Kids Concept toys are manufactured in a good and durable way and will withstand the tough treatment smaller children expose them to, this in combination with being fun to play with makes them very popular.

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