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Here you will find decoration for your home in many different varieties, materials and colors!


Here you can really live your decor dreams with decorative interiordetails in many different variants. You can find very special and unique details which are the details in the decor that make the little extra that creates a nice overall feeling.

There is decor with inspiration from different parts of the world and in many different materials, colors and styles.

We have, together with our suppliers, been able to collect very well-designed decoration assortment from established designers for example in brands such as Artwood, Strömshaga and By On.

There are interior decorations in this product area with styles represented in rural interior, rustic interior, classical Scandinavian interior and even in Shabby Chic.

The slightly more luxurious side you will find with the brand Lene Bjerre who often pickes up models on their decorations inspired by ancient cultures such as antiquity.

Interior decorations from Artwood are often made in rustic and solid materials like Java Oak, Brass and Iron. Artwood has a great sense of quality in the details even on these articles, very high demands are made on the production of their products, which one can reallysee on the end result.

There are also decorations that are adapted to this year's various festivals like Halloween, Christmas and Easter.

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