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Storefactory Interior

Storefactory is a brand representing the classic Scandinavian décor with pure features and colors and materials. Some products are manufactured in Sweden bt swedish designers.


The products of Storefactory are often in clean and fine materials with comfortable nice shapes and color choices. Designers at the company have often chosen natural materials in beautiful combinations like stone to glass, concrete to metal and where hard and soft materials combines each other in a pleasant way.

There are both traditional decorative features like candlesticks and votives, but you can also find some more surprising decor that stands out and becomes a bit more unique.

Nature's colors and shapes are a red thread in the assortment and you can find decor that has been inspired by old classic details reversed in a new way.

Beautiful fabrics in comfortable colors in beautiful soft and curly materials are absolutely irresistible. Storefactory has really found an assortment and a design that hits a lot of people.

Decoration in glass, stone, metal, wood and leather is what we all usually want and this in colors that match each other and your existing interior makes this concept a winner.

The décor fits as well in the country as in the big city and is with us at My White Countryhouse the brand that most clearly represents what we usually call for the Scandinavian interior style.

Welcome to Storefactory!

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