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Classic soft toy's from Bukowski design

Here you can find nice cuddly toys from Bukowski design among other brands.

Cuddly Toys

We at My White Countryhouse can offer cuddly toys from Bukowski Design and Maileg, really lovely, cozy and huggable and just as they should be.

Bukowski Design

The Bukowski design cuddly toys is probably the best in the market in terms of their design combined with safety. All cuddly toys material are made of brand new and unused polyester or other material that they can be made of.

What is important is that the fabric / material is not recycled and may contain substances that are not ugood for the children. The children who use these products are often small and it is not entirely unusual for them to taste everything that comes in their way, and of course, it is especially the favorite cuddly toy to be sucked on properly. This, of course, makes it important that they do not get themselves into trouble.

Another parameter that assures safety is the bag you can feel if, for example, you squeeze the stomach on a teddy bear, it feels like a rice bag. They are always in dual durable packages so the risk of breaking apart is minimal.

A third reason why security is important is perhaps what you usually think of first, safe eyes. All baby products have embroidered eyes while the others are pull-tight and locked, which means that they are stuck like a rivet in the fur. You can feel confident for the safety when buying a cuddly toy at My White Countryhouse.

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