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Scented candles & sticks | My White Countryhouse

Here you can find luxury scented candles and scented bags.

Scented candles, scented sticks and scent bags

In our range of fragrances, there is a lot to choose from. You have scented candles from Maja's Cottage where you also support the Children's Cancer Foundation with 10% of the sellingprice, you buy two things in one you could say.

We have two big brands that account for much of our product range.

Victorian Candles

This is a trademark owned by On Interior and here you can find nice packaging in different price ranges and sizes and in different designs. Small tin box for the smaller needs and the larger scented candles where you get a lot of burn time for the money.

A very popular series here are all the citycandles that are found in silver ich in black with maps from the cities nicely on the side as decor.


We have the durance scented candles that are made on the classic scented candles manufacturing areas in Durance, France. You surely recognize these scented candles from television productions where these have been shown when it comes to decorating the homes the programs that are about.

Scented bags and scented sticks

Scented sticks, which we also have refill for, are both beautiful and smells amazing. Put them in smart places in your home where you go by often so you get the smell everywhere in the house. The scented bags have many different places you can use it , it can be in the car, in the wardrobe or wherever you wish, here it is really the fantasy that sets the limits.

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