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Carve walldeco & paintings

Here you can find nice and stylish walldecorations. Welcome to My White Countryhouse!

"Tempeltavla" - walldecoration

We at My White Countryhouse have incorporated a large assortment of walldecorations in different sizes, colors and shapes,

These decorations can be used as a clean wall or table decoration, window shade, room divider (the largest) and for a headboard.

The wall decorations "Tempeltavla" are very well-worked and has a touch of shabby Shabby Chic style you could say.

Using these as a headboard is popular, you simply(if you have a doublebed) and put up two 90x90 decorations on the wall on top of the bed at an appropriate height, it will be very nice!

We recommend that, in combination with the temple boards, use the limepaint from Kalklitir, this wallcolor, which is in another department of our webshop, is matte and has a concrete-like expression, it fits very well with our walldecorations.

Other walldecorations and paintings

In our range of paintings, you will find different types of paintings that are constantly changing. We have incorporated a lot of botanical motifs that fit into the rural décor, as well as paintings with more modern touch such as Artwood's paintings.


We also have letterboards in our shop, a fun and clever invention that has a recognition from the signs in the stairwells before where you could see who lived in each house.

You can use this board to just write something fancy or cozy, you can use it as a week dinner-schedule or why not when you welcome guests to write just "Welcome family Andersson, hope we will have a great time together"

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