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Ovendishes at My White Countryhouse

Ovendishes in different colors and shapes to your kitchen

Ovendishes in different designs 

With us at My White Countryhouse you will find ovendishes that you can safely use in the oven, both in porcelain and in stoneware. The stoneware is especially suitable for use in oven because it is heated to over 1000 degrees  Celsius at the time of manufacturing, and the fact that they are well designed makes it even better.

Oven-proof dishes

We have in our assortment of ovendishes different designs, colors and shapes. Ovendishes for ovenbaking, traditional baking or serving. The oven-proof dishes can be placed directly on the table and, together with the other porcelain and stoneware, create a cozy and nice environment for your meal.

Use in microwave and dishwasher

It's good to use our ovendishes in microwave oven with the exception of those with gold or silver decorations that absolutely must not be used in the microwave-oven. We also recommend handwashing the ovendishes with gold and silver decorationsas an exception to protect the the decor.

The ovendish in your rural interior

A ovendish from us is a "must-have" for those who like rural decor, a piedish with freshly baked apple pie is an essence of rural decor in a rural kitchen, you cannot be without if you like this interior style.

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