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Armchairs from Artwood and other brands.

In our assortment of armchairs you will find brands like Artwood, Martinsen, Chic Antique and Affari

The armchair, the home's most popular furniture?

Often your most popular furniture in your home can be your armchair, your very own favorite chair. We have in our assortment many models that we think are qualified to wear just the titleline, The favorite armhair.

We have chosen to include several styles, materials and brands that fit well in the various interior styles we have represented in our store.

Various materials like rattan, leather, wood and metal can be found in our armchairs.

Artwood Leather armchair!

The Artwood leather armchair is a real classic, a vintage-treated leather that is taken from an old classic movie where the gentlemen settle down as they step back from the dinnertable and pick up their cigars and a glass of cognac... was anyone thinking "Titanic"?

Frame and padding in the highest quality it is a obvious qualitydemand on a style furniture like this and of course this is a generation to generation furniture due to its high quality and timeless design.

Armchairs for outdoor use

We also have armchairs that can be used in the summer, as well as the Artwood and Martinsen armchairs in outdoor wicker and the other "real" wicker armchairs that you can use outdoors, but that you should take in when weather is bad. We therefore recommend that you have these in the patio or under the roof in order not to forget to leave them outside so that their normal fantastic long lifetime span will be shortened.

We have customers who are returning after 15 years and need to buy new cushion because they wear them or need to freshen them up. The chairs themselves are still nice and intact, a true quality proof!

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