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Cakestands & Platters

Cakestands and platters

A fine cakestand or platters can be the basis for fine artwork as we dress our table with, a must-have for those who love nice and stylish table settings.

Cakestands and platters

Here you will find nice and stylish designed cakestands and platters from a variety of brands in a beautiful mix of material, shape and color.


We have nice cakestands from GreenGate in wonderfully crispy colors that just can not avoid to be enjoyed, they are just like GreenGates other porcelain made with very high standards of quality.

Platters from Chic Antique

The Chic Antique  comes in different materials and designs and breathes  rural décor, but also with a touch of Shabby Chic, Stylishly designed platters that fits nicely into our range for those who really wants a rural decor.

Platters and cakestands for different purposes.

Our cakestands and platters are suitable for many purposes, such as for fruit or as a basis for a fine arrangement of plants and candles, as always, it is the imagination that sets the limits for what to use them for.

We recommend to handwash on our cakestands and platters for the longest durability and also to avoid damaging other delicate items in the dishwasher.

Rural Interior

Your rural kitchen really needs a cakestand or set of platters from our fine assortment of these products, it will be a bit like the crown in the kithcen and not something to be hidden in a cupboard.

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