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Lime paint for furniture and effect paint.

Vintage paint lime paint

The limepaint from Jeanne d'Arc Living is an amazing product, it attaches to everything and is extremely fun to work with.

Our experience of selling this color is that you as a customer come to us with a need to paint for example a chair. When you then have painted the chair, you start looking for new items to paint just because it was so fun to paint. Pure painting-joy in a can you could say.


The limepaint attaches to all surfaces, you need to use primer in cases such as high-gloss surfaces, oak, surfaces with twigs and dark furniture sometimes depending on which color you have chosen.

Painting on textiles with Vintage Paint limepaint requires some extra thought and preparation, we recommend that you prepare by reading on forums on the internet and on youtube to get the best results

Interior style Rural interior

Many who want a rural feeling in the interior likes Vintage Paint just because it is completely matte and gives a nostalgic feeling from past times.

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is the little worn feeling on the furniture who has been traveled through many rough times and has been a little hurt on the way, this feeling is achieved by painting a dark first layer and a lighter second layer. Then you use fine grindingpaper a little here and there to get a really nice Shabby Chic furniture.

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