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Stencils & Furniture decoration

Vintage Paint stencils and furniture decorations

Here you will find nice accessories for your paintingitems to get the last touch that makes such a difference!

Templates and furniture decorations


We have a wide range of templates in our Vintage Paint program, one of which you use once and one that you can reuse, a so-called stenciltemplate.

Using a template can really make a difference to the end result, which may be the difference between being satisfied with the expected results and your content being a fantastic result that you would like to show to your friends and on social media.

The templates are affordable and can be purchased at a low cost while the final result will be amazing.

For the best possible end result, it is important to choose the right color for both the background and the template. Once you feel that you have found the right color combination, it will be a harmonious and calm colorcombination despiteall the patterns on the surface.

Of course, it must be clean and tidy on the surface before you start painting.

We would recommend that when painting with templates, you take it easy and do not place too many stencils on the object, it's easy to get too enthusiastic and ambitious, and if it gets too much pattern it will fell just messy on the object.

Take some breaks while you are working and you'll soon find a nice balance.

When you're done with your templates, you can always finish off with some free hand painting to make it even more personal.

Furniture Decorations

Furniture decorations can be used for all types of furniture or smaller painting objects. A popular purpose is to use them to paint hatboxes, just gluing and painting with a little lime color.

Rural decor and Shabby chic

By using templates and furniture decorations with symbols and texts from ancient times, you create a sense of the popular and timeless rural décoration and you can also get a little Shabby Chic by mixing and painting your furniture decorations so it looks a bit conceited and worn out.

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