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Wallpaper in the Vintage Paint program

Here you will find lovely French-style wallpapers from Jeanne d'Arc Living


Here at My White Countryhouse you will find a rich selection of French-style wallpaper in delightfully subdued colors and patterns.

The wallpapers have a really lonely and nostalgic feel with the elements of rural interior and Shabby Chic.

The wallpapers are made of paper that you put up with plain wallpaperglue which you apply on the wallpaper.

Each wallpaper has its own article number for each "badge" to make sure you do not get new differences between the different color baths. Therefore, be careful when you measures for your wallpaper so that it is enough and takes an extra roll if it is small margins. 

We have some wallpaper in stock but the most common is that we take the wallpaper on demand with a few weeks delivery time.


Patterns on the wallpapers are old-fashioned with medallions, romantic patterns and subdued colors, although sometimes there are some stronger colors. The wallpapers have color schemes that fit well into the decor for those who paint with Vintage Paint while these colors are in harmony with the colors of the wallpaper.

Working with wallpapers from Jeanne d'Arc Living here at My White Countryhouse makes your home unique and creates a really comfortable sense of true frenchinspired decor at its best.

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