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Beautiful outdoor lamps

Beautiful outdoor lighting is on the rise and why not have it as nice outside as you have inside. Here you will find stylish pendants to hang in the tree, pergola, on the balcony or wherever you want to cozy up to your outdoor environment.

The electricity you choose has IP class 44 and is therefore safe for outdoor use, the cables are available in black and white and in two lengths 2.5 and 5 meters.

Outdoor Lighting

Our outdoor lighting at My White Countryhouse is an assortment we are very proud of. When you discover what an incredibly high factor of my cozieness, it is to decorate your balcony, outdoor room or garden with really nice lights that is adapted for outdoor use, even though they look like ordinary lamps.


Of course, we have taken the best care of safety and all outdoor products are approved just for outdoor use, and they are very well-built with regard to the quality of cords, connectors, shades and lightsources. The contacts are approved according to the standard IP44, which we regard as a requirement to deliver safe products.


Our inspiration to invest in this range is that we have the opportunity to make a real difference to your life outdoors by hanging up these nice lamps on the balcony, in the living room or why not under the appletree at a temporary or permanent locationfor the dinner table.


You will find nice light strings and many hanging lamps in different colors, all fabrics are treated to withstand rain and bad weather. There are different lengths on the cords so you can customize for your needs. There are also remote controls(for outlets) so you can easily shut off/on the ones you want to shut off/on, it's not always obvious that you wants to turn off all the lights at once.

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