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Console tables

Console table from Artwood along with other fine brands.

In My White Countryhouse range for console tables, you can find nice furniture in different materials and interior styles. Welcome!

The wonderful console table - a "must have" in your home!

How should you use your console table? You could turn the question around and wonder where you cannot use it instead. The consoletable, can be used as a table in a hallway to leave things on, a nice bench for different media, or just a place for fine decoration with flowers and photographs.

The consoletable becomes the item in your the interior and you can choose just the one that matches your taste and style.

Artwood's consoletables

We have the entire range of Artwood all consoletables, and it's everything from the slightly lighter metal and wood  table to a 100 kilo concrete furniture that stands steadier than ever before. Artwood stands for class and quality and consoletables really live up to these titles.

Console tables in different styles.

We also have in our range of console tables various interior styles represented as the classic elegant to the more romantic Shabby Chic.

Martinsen and Chic Antique

Fine brands like Martinsen and Chic Antique stand for completely different styles but they have the same quality of feelings and that they both have very beautiful furniture but although different in different interior styles.

The Shabby and romantic is perfect for the rustic and romantic décor, while Martinsen's more classic furniture fits into most homes, as it can give a luxurious feeling but att the same time there are just beautiful and nice furniture that everyone can take to their hearts.

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