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Paint accessories

Accessories for painting with Vintage Paint

Here you will find suitable accessories for painting with Vintage Paint and also lots of inspiration in the form of books and instruction manuals.

Accessories Vintage Paint

Here at My White Countryhouse you will find in this section accessories and books for your Vintage Paint painting.


We have chosen brushes for the calcareous paint from a real brush supplier, the "Penselgrossisten". "Penselgrossisten" are not a big company but a smaller one who is very careful about the quality of their products. A philosophy we like when limepainting is a craft that deserves real tools to paint with.

The brushes release incredibly few straws, holds the color good and give a good feeling for you when you are painting.

We have selected the most common sizes and shapes on the brushes that work for most needs.


We have chosen a market-leading brand for our masking tape, 3M. A really good tape that should not been kept on the surface longer than 3 days, it should never be attached longer than necessary as a rule.

The tape is easy to tear off and is highly adhesive. We have chosen to keep in stock the most common widths that cover most needs, 18 and 24 mm.

Other accessories

We also have a can opener, color mixer, spounges and gringing pads that are also good for lime painting and that they come in a little nicer packaging and finish is just nice.


We have books in our assortment with lots of inspiration and ideas for when painting with limepaint, there is also a slightly simpler variant in the form of an instruction booklet.

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