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House of Saponi

House of Saponi

House of Saponi represents trademarks from Europe with the highest quality that suitable for different homes and different personalities.

With a sense of natural beauty and historical heritage, we welcome you to Saponi's fanatastic assortment of gragrances and style from the soul of ancient Provence. Trademarks that have their roots in English traditions, ranging from elegance to vintage to Italy's cultural and beautiful Florence, with great passion for its beauty and fine craftsmanship.


Saponi has a well balanced range of beauty and skincare products. A guarantee for Saponi's fine quality is that they cooperate with spa facilities and beauty salons that have very high quality standards.

A summary of Saponi could look as follows:

- Highest quality and service.

- Use natural products as essence.

- Maintaining old traditions while innovative for the new that is coming.

- Important, non-animal tested products.

- Respects for conservation of our nature's nature.

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