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Lanterns and kerosene lamps


Lanterns are a highly appreciated gift to really anybody, who does not want a lantern? '

We have a very large assortment of lanterns in different materials, colors, shapes and designs, a lantern for every occasion you could say.

There are lanterns in all price ranges from a few kronor to a couple of thouands, wholly depending on the purpose of the lantern.

You will find lanterns for different interior styles like rustic decor, rural decor, shabby chic and a lot of lanterns that are just simply so beautiful without connecting them to a particular interior style.

You will find lanterns that you place on the table or the floor, hanging from a hook or can be attached to the wall.

Of course, we also have a wide range of candles that fit all lights, we particularly want to recommend the candles from Maja's Cottage that give 10% to the Children's Cancer Foundation.

Kerosene lamps

The kerosenelamp is a real nostalgic product; this type of lamp was the one who lit up the cottages before the electricity had come to all the households. An invention from the mid 1800's, which today has became a very popular interior detail.

Today, these lamps are not driven by the kerosene, as the name suggests, but by lamp-oil.

A kerosene lamp fits all interior styles but has a clear attraction on the rural interior style, a lot because of its history.

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