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Hooks, Knobs & Shelf Brackets

Here you will find hooks, consoles of different colors, materials and shapes from leading suppliers and brands.

Consoles, knobs and hooks

In our range of brackets, knobs and hooks, you will find products that are in line with the design of the other productrange at My White Countryhouse.


We have a lot of different models of consoles in the range, both for the narrow and shallow shelf, but also for the larger, wider and heavier shelf. A console is an important interiordetail that is really visible and for the interior-minded, it is obvious that this must fit into the other interior in terms of shape, color and design.


In your choice of hook it is important that you think that it can really do its job. We have a range of different variants for different purposes like hooks for under shelf, hook with several hooks in one and deeper and shallow hooks.

One tip is to always take one hook extra, it will always be needed so you do not get what's left on the floor just because all hooks are occupied.


Our range of knobs has a mix of different materials and something we are proud of. Changing knobs on a furniture can make it feel like a new one, an affordable small investment that can make a big difference.

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