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Party accessories & gift wrapping

Here you can find nice ribbons and strings for many different purposes.

Ribbons and strings

We at My White Countryhouse have nice ribbons that you can use for many different purposes,

Lace Ribbon

We have different lace ribbons in different widths, the length you can choose yourself, and these lace ribbons fit well into the romantic and rustic decor.

You can use the ribbons for an almost endless variety of purposes. You can have it as a clean decoration or wrapping up a gift.

For many, half the purpose of giving a gift is that the wrapping important so it be a good idea to do it with a lace ribbon and you have a guaranteed success. The wrappings can of course also be wrapped with the other bands, depending on the taste and circumstances. You can use the ribbons to hang things in, a nice way or decorate textiles that need to be freshened up and get a bit more beautiful.

You can also do with the tapes or ribbons we have made nice shelf edges as you did in the past. You may have an old cloth that can be fancied up with a little lace, a lampshade or simply turning something as boring as a glass jar into a charming and romantic interiordetail.

Again like much else, it's your imagination that sets the limits

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