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Kardelen - The lovely linen maker



The love of what is alive but not perfect is the heart of Lovely Linen. The idea of ​​Lovely Linen is to create strong and vibrant but at the same time personal home.

Lovely Linen

Lovely Linen is a trademark owned and marketed by Kardelen AB in southern Sweden.

Lovely Linen focuses on linen products just because of its fine softness and texture. The linen are good for bedding because it is a natural product.

The fiber of the linen has a high absorption capacity for moisture, much higher than cotton, and also dries very quickly.

These abilities make it dry and nice to the body. Over the year, you can sum up that Linen keeps you cool in summer when it's warm while it warms you in winter when it's cold.

On top of that, it's so nice for your decor, even nicely when it's a bit wrinkly!

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