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Limepaint for walls from Kalklitir

Lime paint from Kalklitir

We are very proud to be a Kalklitir retailer, a beautiful natural product with roots from Iceland, which we have been painting ourselves on our walls in the store in Björklinge, north of Uppsala.
We have the full range of Kalklitir's lime paint assortment, do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about Kalklitir.

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Kalklitir is a true natural product consisting of AV 98.5% raw material and 1.5% pigment. The wall color gives a matte concrete-like surface that is soft and comfortable in its expression.

The color that differs from this is "Nero", which has 85% natural material and 15% pigment, which means that the hardening time of  Nero is much longer than the for the other colors. The color is black which requires a lot of pigments because it is a natural product. During the hardening time, it will release color if you sweep your fingers on it, but when it is hard, it is as fine as the other colors.

Bloggers and influencers

Kalkhome, which owns the brand Kalklitir, has several collaborations with famous bloggers and influencers and has developed several of their colors in collaboration with them. For example for collaborations is the blog "To be someone's wife" in which Emma has developed a color called " Emma "and also a color that has the has  the same name as Emma's son" Leo ".

Linda and Simplicity are examples of other collaborations.

Performance, how to paint

There is a couple of videos in our shop where you can see how to paint Kalklitir on the walls, a video for straight-drawn technique and a video for cross-cutting technique. In general, one can say that none of them is more difficult than the other, however, the crossing technique gives more life and effect on the surface. You definitely do not have to be a professional painter to paint with Kalklitir, even we see it as an advantage not to be professional (of course there are also great talented professional painters out there), as the results often gets great when a non-professional individual with a flaming interest paints up the color.

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