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Buy hanging lamps for windows, online

Here you will find window lamps for different interior styles to hang up in your windows. Fast delivery for products in stock and free shipping from 950 kr.

Lamp for window

Window lamps are traditionally an important and big article at My White Countryhouse. You will find lamps in many different styles, materials and colors in our assortmant.

Rural and romantic style

In the rustic style, or French-Scandinavian style, you will find window lights with a little nostalgic feel.

The feeling comes from both material choices and color and design. Materials like enamel and poor mans silver are typical of this type of product and it is of course a high recognition factor from past times.

Rustic and classic style

Here you can find some tougher and sharper lines in the lamps, raw metals and even industrial touch to suit you who want that style in your interior.


The window lamp is an important part of the interior as it together with the curtain puts a frame to the room and is also what you see at your home from the outside.

The accessories

When selecting your window lamp it is important that you do it together with the correct light source, no matter how nice your lamp are if you have not chosen the lightsource carefully. We sell PR Homes amazing LED lamps, which are also dimmable, which are in different designs and affecst the lamp and its surroundings in different ways. If you select a light bulb with a light source with a champagnecolor, the iron will look like a brass when it is lit up, in the same way the light source affects the colors of the textiles in its surroundings.

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