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Kalklitir is a brand in the family-owned company Kalkhome VOF which is specialized in natural-paints. There are five family members in the company whom is born in Iceland. 

The brand Kalklitir based on Audur Skula who is the decorative painter.

Through the years Kalklitir has developed and is now available in many countries around the world.

Kalklitir - Original and Genuine Limepaint!

Kalklitir is the true lime color, unlike many copies on the market, which call themselves for limepaint, but really is something else.

The color consists of 98.5% raw material  and the rest of the pigment. The exception is Nero, which has a ratio of 85-15%.

It is available in over 30 different colors and is wonderful to work with. You do not have to be a professional to succeed with Kalklitir, we have got the best and satisfied customers among "ordinary" people who just think it's fun to paint.

You can choose different techniques when painting, you can paint Kalklitir with cross-method or straight draws, which can give a little different drama in the end result. The cross technique gives a little more effect while the straight technique is a bit calmer, it can also affect the strength of the effect by pushing a little harder with the brush to push out the pigment, creating a little extra life in the wall.

When choosing color, keep in mind that the darker the more effect, which is also important is that you think about how much sun and light will land on the wall, because it is a natural color it will absorb The light and effect of the lighter colors decrease. If you have a lot of light, please choose a darker color.

When painting with limepaint it is important that you shake and stir the paint properly and even while painting, you should change it so that it does not separates.

When painting, do not take breaks when you are on the middle of the wall, paint  from corner to corner and always keep the edge wet.

You can paint Kalklitir on most surfaces, but if you want a perfect finish, it's good if you paint on a white painted wall painted with a water-soluble paint, oil paints do not work to paint on with Kalklitir.

If it is a filler/spachtel) on the wall, we recommend that you add a primer / primer that is acrylate-based and water-soluble, it is the primary color of all paint shops and the cheapest one.

You always paint Kalklitir in two layers and it may be good to know that after the first layer of paint you have a very dramatic process before drying, but when everything is dried it will be very nice. I mostly inform this about the fact that there may be a lot of concern before the paint dries..

We recommend that you save some limepint after each project if you can. If the accident is occur, you can fix if stains lands on the wall.

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