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Penselgrossisten, Hallström AB

The Penselgrossisten has been on the market since 1974 and delivered brushes to retail and professional users in the Swedish market. High quality products, the best of the leading manufacturers in Europe to create a really good range of brushes, tapes and everything you may need to create good conditions for making a good result.



In the wide and fine range of brushes you will find everything from martenhair brush to classical fasadebrushes made of synthetic material. and to simple smaller models in many sizes. There is for all uses from the artist's needs for industrial painting assignments.

Important to consider when choosing brush is the choice of color and what kind of finish do you want.

 To be safe in the quality, all brushes are checked in the factory, but despite this, it's good if you wash all brushes in soapwater to remove any dust particles that may have slipped in along the way. All for best result.

Natural brush: Primarily for oil paints and varnishes. If you are careful with brushes, the brush will be better the longer the time goes by and becomes even more easy-working.

Synthetic fiber: Primarily to waterborne paint. It is good if you choose synthesis in front of the natural brush to "draw-out" color in the material because the viscosity is not the same as in oil paint.

Synthetic and natural brush mixed:

Mixing the synthesis and naturalbrush works for the most part, it does not have the same specific characteristics benefits as synthesis and brush but becomes a well-functioning all-round brush that takes good care of color and has a good buckle in the brush. 

Models You will find in the assortment is paintbrushes, angle brushes, fasade brushes, round and oval brushes at the Penselgrossist. You will also find a large amount of tools and tapes for painting.

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